Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Episode 16: Approaches to Deckbuilding

You can throw thirty cards together smartly enough, but you want to up your deckbuilding game, from simply knowing the rules that govern decks in Arkham Horror all the way to making scintillating creations that fizz with ingenuity and versatility. How?

In this, the sixteenth episode of Drawn to the Flame, join Peter and Frank as they get stuck into the tricksy topic of deckbuilding. This episode isn't meant purely as a beginner's guide to deckbuilding. Instead, it's packed with approaches to have in mind when wrestling with your cards on your living room floor and tips for how to evaluate the choices you've made and enhance your deckbuilding expertise. As ever, this episode isn't meant to be exhaustive, just Frank and Peter's tuppence on the subject.

SPOILER POLICY: we'll happily discuss player cards up to and including the Undimensioned & Unseen mythos pack. We'll skirt around encounter cards included in that pack, but talk freely about encounter cards up to Blood on the Altar. NOTE: in this episode we don't talk about encounter cards much at all.

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