Thursday 27 July 2017

Episode 22: Face to Face with Azathoth

SPOILER POLICY: This is a special episode and we will be talking about the entirety of the Dunwich Cycle in some depth. Please avoid if you haven't yet finished the cycle!

There are some secrets that once known will shatter our feeble consciousness, arcane rites and hidden mysteries so fell and terrible that to behold them is to fray the limits of one's sanity.

In Episode 22 of Drawn to the Flame, join Peter and Frank as they come face to face with a keeper of such secrets: Matthew Newman, lead developer of Arkham Horror: The Card Game. To celebrate the end of the Dunwich Legacy cycle, Arkham's first full campaign, Matt's joining the podcast to talk about player cards and encounter design in the Dunwich Legacy. It's a bumper episode as Peter and Frank get into the detail of each class's strengths, the challenges of the eight-scenario campaign, as well as glancing ahead to dread encounters on the horizon.

Join us very soon for a special mini episode before we start looking ahead to Path to Carcosa next time!

If you want to hear more from Matt, check him out on Mythos BustersTeam Covenant, and on the 1 Player Podcast.

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  1. Best episode yet.

    Now... where's the Daisy episode I've been waiting for forever?

    1. We'll get there. So many great investigators to cover!