Thursday 12 October 2017

Episode 32: Approaches to Play

Hey listener! Drawn to the Flame has a new SPOILER POLICY: Peter and Frank will flag up, at the start of each episode, what they intend to talk about. The core set is always fair game and the most recent cycle is usually fair game, too. Peter and Frank remembered to mention it this time around, so it's at the start of the episode. 

In this episode, join Frank and Peter in their quest to be continually helpful, this time by aiding you in improving your play. As a sort of sequel to episode 16, which was all about deckbuilding, this episode is a discussion filled with tips and tricks to go from being mostly a grisly mess on the ground, destroyed by the horrors formed of dark rites and foul incantations, to only slightly bloodied and still pretty sane... which is an improvement, right? How should you spend those actions? What's better, a card or a resource? And how does prey work again? All this in the ep. Plus white-furred doom creatures. 

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